What People Are Saying:

"It felt like a great escape from the classroom, and made me wish we could take our kids outside every day. We slowly walked back to school, wishing to be outside all day." — Partner Teacher with our Slough School Program

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  • Looking for a service opportunity for your business or community group?

    Our 2016 events are now open for volunteer partnership! Register your group and start serving this Winter!

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  • Nominations are Open!

    It’s time to nominate for the 2015 Slough Celebration Awards!  Do you know an individual or group who has had a strong positive impact on the Columbia Slough Watershed?  Nominate them for a Leadership or Achievement Award! Nominations are due Thursday, November 19th.

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  • Slough Stories

    The Columbia Slough Watershed Council celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and there are a thousand stories to tell. This video is a compilation of a few of the stories told at the Slough Stories event in November 2014. This is part of an effort to document efforts large and small that have improved the Columbia Slough watershed and raised public awareness of the waterway and the region. Enjoy this trip down memory lane (or should we say a paddle down memory slough).

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  • Aquifer Adventure -  a Piratey Sucess!

    On Saturday, September 12th over 500 pirates of all ages joined the Portland Water Bureau and the Columbia Slough Watershed Council for an event like no other, a pirate-themed groundwater education festival. Now in its thirteenth year, Aquifer Adventure teaches families about our underground treasure - not gold, but groundwater, a precious resource that flows below our feet!

    The event featured a groundwater obstacle course, water conservation activities, information on green household cleaners, edible aquifers made from ice cream, canoe rides on the Columbia Slough and more. Attendees also had the chance to explore a drinking water well site and learn how a real aquifer works from Portland Water Bureau experts.

    What makes groundwater so important?  Groundwater from the Columbia South Shore Well Field is a secondary source of drinking water for Portland and is a critical component of the region’s drinking water system. Groundwater is used to help meet higher summer water demands and to provide water during emergencies or when Portland’s primary drinking water source, the Bull Run watershed, is not available. Having a back-up water supply source also helps the City avoid having to build and operate an expensive water filtration plant for the Bull Run source.

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Council Meeting

Monday December 07, 5:00pm

The Council's monthly meeting. Open to visitors.

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Stewardship Saturday: Kelley Point Park

Saturday January 23, 9:00am

Stewardship Saturdays are a great way to get involved in your neighborhood!

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Stewardship Saturday: Columbia Children's Arboretum

Saturday January 30, 9:00am

Spend the morning caring for plants in one Portland 'hidden gem' parks.

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