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Columbia Slough Watershed Council

Private Paddle Tours

Private Paddle Tours

Connect with your team & explore the Slough
The Columbia Slough Watershed Council offers private paddle tours to groups who are interested in experiencing this unique urban waterway!

We will work with you to shape a tour that best fits your needs, interests, and comfort and experience levels.

Tour Highlights

- Ideal for a wide range of group sizes, all ages welcome
- A great team building activity for business and organizations of all kinds
- Enjoy nature from the comfort of a canoe or kayak
- Experience and learn about the Columbia Slough Watershed

Private Paddle Tour

Interested in taking your group on a private paddle tour? Contact us to learn more!
Phone: (503) 281-1132

Recent private tour partners:

- Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization Africa House
- Betties360
- Center for Intercultural Organizing (Now Unite Oregon)
- Portland State University
- University of Portland
- People of Color Hike!