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Columbia Slough Watershed Council

Private Paddle Tours

Private Paddle Tours

The Council’s recreation program strives to give communities the opportunity to connect with their local natural areas. We offer private paddle tours to groups who are interested in learning about and experiencing their local watershed through canoeing and/or kayaking.

At every tour we provide a fun and safe opportunity for community members to be active outdoors and learn about the important role our watershed plays in maintaining our good health. We work with you to shape a tour that fits your needs and interests, comfort and experience levels.

Tour Highlights

- Ideal for groups sizes 10-25
- Enjoy nature from the comfort of a canoe or kayak
- Experience and learn about the Columbia Slough Watershed

Interested in taking your group on a private paddle tour? Please contact Outreach & Events Director Karen Carrillo at or (503) 281-1132

Past private tour partners:

- Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
- Center for Intercultural Organizing (Now Unite Oregon)
- Portland State University
- University of Portland

Private Paddle Partner & Sponsor