Updated: Apr 28

Prologis, one of the largest warehousing and distribution companies in the world, has recently submitted an application to fill existing wetlands habitat on the former site of Portland Meadows on Schmeer Road in North Portland.

The proposal would create a 1.8 million square foot industrial park and would fill important wetlands habitat with over 10,000 cubic yards of concrete and rock. These wetlands naturally mitigate flood risk and improve water quality in the Columbia Slough, and increased industrial activity would also have negative impacts on air and water quality.

The proposed project would result in:

● Loss of vital urban wildlife habitat

● Increased surface runoff of petroleum products and pollution of local waterways

● Increased air pollution to the nearby Kenton neighborhood due to increased truck traffic

● Loss of hydrological function and flood retention in Peninsula Drainage District 2 (PEN2)

This is an important issue related to the Council’s vision for a watershed rich in clean water and healthy habitats. There are currently two public comment periods open on the wetlands fill application.

You can make your voice heard on this issue by submitting your comments to the US Army Corps of Engineers via email by April 28th (more info here) and to the Oregon Department of State Lands here by May 12th.


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