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Meet Volunteers Nancy and Bruce!

Meet Volunteers Nancy and Bruce!

As you paddle the middle section of the Columbia Slough you encounter a choice; continue forward on the main channel or explore the small arm known as the Buffalo Slough. Your adventurous spirit urges you to take the time and pass through the gate of fallen cottonwoods, the slow water leads you toward Ne 33rd Avenue.The flap of a disgruntled great blue heron can be startling against the muffled hum of industry. Passing beneath the bridge, the sound of traffic from above fades to the ping of golf balls being sent down a fairway. Broadmoor Golf Course straddles the slough in front of you a few hundred yards away. Glancing right several docks reach into the water catching your eye as a perfect spot to enjoy a bit of afternoon sun. If your paddling adventures brought you here before you may notice something else; much of the invasive blackberry that sprawled across the northern bank is absent. In years to come, newly planted clusters of swamp rose,gooseberry and two foot tall western red cedars will take its place.
The continual restoration of the Buffalo Slough is in part thanks to Nancy Henry and Bruce Campbell. You may notice them on their dock enjoying the afternoon sun as you paddle by. Watershed Council volunteers and Slough caretakers, Nancy and Bruce are passionate about and “inspired by the rich diversity of wildlife living here.” They are actively “dedicated to eradicating invasive plants and enhancing the Slough habitat,” heartened by the knowledge the slough “can be reclaimed and rejuvenated.”
Nancy, a program director for Vista and AmeriCorp training at Northwest Education Labs, and Bruce, a former high school environmental educator are accustomed to giving back to the community. Their commitment to restoring riparian habitat in the neighborhood is spurred by a belief in the potential for the Columbia Slough to become “an environmental gem.” This is what keeps them coming back to Stewardship Saturdays and devoting time to restoration work outside of CSWC events. These two contribute a long-lasting positive impact on the Slough. In return Nancy and Bruce enjoy “over time, watching the ecosystem transform positively as a result of volunteer work.” This transformation is visible as you reach the end of the Buffalo Slough thanks to dedication by Nancy and Bruce. If you ever find yourself wandering up the Buffalo Slough don’t forget to wave to Nancy and Bruce on their dock.

Click here to join volunteers like Nancy and Bruce at a Stewardship Saturday event this winter!

Looking for a service opportunity for your business or community group?

Looking for a service opportunity for your business or community group?

Did you know that Columbia Slough Watershed Council offers group volunteering experiences throughout the calendar year? Your group is welcome to join us this Winter for Stewardship Saturdays, our outdoor restoration events or in 2018 for events like Explorando, Regatta, or Aquifer Adventure. Group volunteering is a great way to build camaraderie, get exercise and serve your community - join us!

For more information, get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Kirk Fatland.

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(503) 281-1132

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