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Columbia Slough Watershed Council


Slough Celebration Past Award Winners

2018-19 Award Winners

• McKinstry Company
• Linda Robinson, Community Organizer/Activist
• David Biggs, Video Producer



2017-18 Award Winners

• Jennifer Sutter, Department of Environmental Quality
• Joe Ferguson, Alliance High School
• Mike Ward, Rivergate Scrap Metal

2016-17 Award Winners

• Brenda Demaree, Purdy Community Engagement Team
• Lower Slough Refugia Project: Dave Helzer, Fred MacGregor, Nadine Meyers, Melissa Brown, Peter Hesford, Greg Morrill and Clayton Solberg
• Vanport Mosaic Festival

2015 Award Winners

• Shannah Anderson, City of Portland – Bureau of Environmental Services
• Meei Lum, Leatherman Tool Group
• Knife River Corporation - Northwest
• Depave
• Matthew Todd, Buffalo Slough
• Lee Dayfield and Jim Labbe, Nadaka Park and Garden Project

2014 Award Winners

• Randy Belston-City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
• Don Goldberg and the Colwood Property Project-Trust for Public Land
• Mason Flats Stormwater-Wetland Restoration Project

2013 Award Winners

• Corky Collier-Columbia Corridor Association
• Jeff Locke-Friends of Smith and Bybee
• Recology-Stormwater Treatment Facility
• Jeremy Aasum-Graphic Designer-website

2012 Award Winners

• Rex Burkholder, Metro Councilor
• Toby Query, City of Portland-Ecologist
• City of Gresham-Columbia Slough Water Quality Facility
• Elena Mark-Portland Public Schools
• Port of Portland-PDX Deicing System
• Katy Weil-Metro-Smith and Bybee

2011 Award Winners

• Megan Hanson, City of Portland, Clean Rivers Education
• Verde
• David Kennedy, Architect
• Natural Area Land Acquisition-Shannah Anderson, Deb Lev, Leif Anderson, & Hillary Wilton
• Jamie Stamberger, City of Gresham

2010 Award Winners

• Rebecca Geisen, Portland Water Bureau
• City of Portland Terrestrial Ecology and Enhancement Strategy
• Sue Bielke- Turtle Research and Conservation
• Bruce Gilles-DEQ Settlement Process
• ODFW & BES- Lower Columbia Slough Fish Study

2009 Award Winners

• Aloft Portland Airport at Cascade Station
• Ken Finney, BES
• Wildlife Studies: Katie Holzer, David Kennedy, Julian Lawrence
• Lee Dayfield, Nadaka Park

2008 Award Winners

• James Davis, Metro, Environmental Education
• Portland International Airport Wildlife Hazard Management Program, Innovative Wildlife Management
• Fairview Creek Water Quality Facility, City of Gresham, Floodplain Restoration
• Harbor Oil Superfund Community Advisory Group
• Keelin Sanger, Reynolds Middle School

2007 Award Winners

• Erwin Bergman, Neighborhood Advocate
• Richard and Gyrid Towle, Columbia Children’s Arboretum
• City of Gresham-Keri Handaly & Kris Rein, Fairview Creek Burnside to Stark Restoration Project
• Rose Sandy & Jeff Walker, Multnomah Youth Cooperative
• Ken Barker & Jerry Lanz, Northwest Discoveries
• New Columbia-Housing Authority of Portland, Steve Fancher, & KPFF Consulting Engineers

2006 Award Winners

• Lynn Barlow, Watershed Revegetation Program
• Gregg Everhart, Trails Planning and Development
• Chris Scarzello, Environmental Code Improvement Process
• Ducks Unlimited, Fish Monitoring Program, Cyndi Baker
• Measure 26-80-Campaign for Natural Areas, Parks and Streams
• The Boeing Company, Land Donation

2005 Award Winners

• Jeff Adams, Aquatic Programs Director, Xerces Society
• Al Smith, Chair, Pacific Northwest Freshwater Mussel Workgroup
• Ry Thompson, Environmental Planner, City of Portland
• Bob Dolphin, Treasurer, Columbia Slough Watershed Council
• Linda Robinson, Neighborhood Advocate
• Bob Sallinger, Conservation Director, Audubon Portland

2004 Award Winners

• Nancy Hendrickson, Watershed Manager, City of Portland
• Matt Moule, Science Teacher, Whitaker Middle School
• Jay Mower, Urban Watershed Advocate
• Denise Rennis, Natural Resources Project Mgr, Port of Portland
• Amanda Briles, Eyes on the Slough Volunteer
• Florence & Ron Bunn, Jerome Duletzke, PPR, Bunn Property
• Ducks Unlimited & Jim Morgan, Smith and Bybee Lakes Water Control Structure
• Matt Weatherly, Volunteer Grantwriter

2003 Award Winners

• Kathi Futornick, Columbia Slough Watershed Action Plan
• Dave Masunaga, George Middle School
• Bruce McClelland, Multnomah County Drainage District #1
• Paul Trone, Volunteer, Columbia Slough Watershed Council
• Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
• Fujitsu Microelectronics, Inc & Microchip Technology Inc.
• Friends of Blue Heron Wetlands
• Urban Forestry Canopy Study, Joe Poracsky & Mike Lackner
• Multnomah County “Big Year” Bird Study, Ian Tomlinson & John Fitchen
• Wellhead Protection Guidelines, Business, Industry & City Working Group

2002 Award Winners

• Dave Hendricks, Operations Manager, MCDD
• Kenton Elementary School Teachers, Susan Price, Kathy Rodgers, Amy Sands, and Andrew Jacquiss
• Friends of Trees, Neighborhood Trees Program
• Dorothy Sperry, Port of Portland
• Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, Regatta Support
• American Honda Company, Inc.
• Columbia Slough 1135 Ecosystem Restoration Project
• Explorando el Columbia Slough, Fernando Velez

2001 Award Winners

• Donna Hempstead
• Linda Robinson
• David Eatwell
• Open Meadow CRUE Program
• Leslie Winter-Gorsline, City of Portland BES
• Julie Howland, Portland Public Schools
• Port of Portland - Vanport Wetlands Project
• Center for Columbia River History, Community History

2000 Award Winners

• Troy Clark, Friends of Smith & Bybee Lakes
• Jennifer Devlin Educator, City of Portland, BES
• Mike Houck, Audubon Society of Portland
• Anne Nickel, former Executive Director of CCA
• John Bentley, Skyport Properties
• Jane Graybill, Citizen Activist
• Ned Hayes, Donor, Whitaker Ponds Natural Area
• Mike Hess, Teacher at Parkrose High School

1999 Award Winners

• Susan Barthel, City of Portland BES
• Alice Blatt, Citizen Extraordinaire
• George Kral, City of Portland Revegetation Program
• Dennis Sivers, D.W. Sivers Company
• Mary Abrams
• Howard and Carol Brandwein
• MCDD Employees
• Emily Roth
• Doug Saulter, Portsmouth Middle School
• Simpson Timber
• Gail Weatherby, Portsmouth/Gregory Heights Middle Schools
• Marv Welt, Northwest Steelheaders

1998 Award Winners

• Chuck Harrison, The Halton Company
• Steve Cameron, LWO Corporation
• Tim Hayford, MCDD
• Jim Pierce, Atlas Copco Wagner Inc.