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Columbia Slough Watershed Council


Slough School


Slough School is the Columbia Slough Watershed Council’s education program, serving students in kindergarten through college. Slough School provides hands-on the opportunity for students to learn about the history and ecology of the watershed, its organisms, and human effects on the area.

Program Structure

Slough School programming is free for students in grades K-college who live or attend schools within the Columbia Slough Watershed. We offer a wide variety of academic programs, including classroom lessons, field programs, and stewardship projects at sites along the Slough. Interested in working with us? Fill out this form!

Geographic Area

A watershed is:
An area of land
Where all the water flows
To a common point
(such as a river, lake or slough)

The Columbia Slough includes 60 miles of lakes, wetlands, and slow-moving channels in the southern floodplain of the Columbia River. On this map, when water hits the ground anywhere in the green area, gravity takes it to the Columbia Slough. If your school is in the green area, you qualify for our programs!

Schools in the Columbia Slough Watershed

The Columbia Slough Watershed includes schools and communities in the St. John’s area, North Portland, and parts of Northeast Portland, Parkrose, North Gresham and Fairview. It reaches from Kelley Point Park in the west to Fairview Lake and the headwaters of Fairview Creek in the east; from Marine Drive in the north to the Alameda Ridge in the south. Slough School activities take place at field sites and classrooms across the watershed.


Slough School is based out of the Council offices at the Whitaker Ponds Natural Area, at 7040 NE 47th Ave in Portland, Oregon.

Teachers and program coordinators, if you are interested in creating a plan of study with the Slough School, contact:

Jennifer Starkey, Education Director
Phone: (503) 281-1132


Slough School is made possible through funding from:
The Trail Blazers Foundation, Boeing, the Ralph & Adolph Jacobs Foundation, and the Hampton Family
Partnerships with: East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, City of Gresham, City of Fairview, Portland Water Bureau, Multnomah County Drainage District, Clean Rivers Education, and Portland Parks and Recreation.


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Volunteer with Slough School

Slough School volunteers assist with the delivery of all Slough School education activities under the supervision of our excellent educators. We’d love to have you! Find details and application instructions in the position description at the bottom of this page.

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