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Columbia Slough Watershed Council



The Columbia Slough Watershed Council’s Stewardship program is dedicated to improving watershed health by combining local residents, natural areas, and restoration activities in locations throughout the watershed.  Volunteer activities include native plantings, weed pulls, and litter cleanups in and along waterways.

Stewardship Saturday

Stewardship Saturdays are morning work parties in local parks and natural spaces. Activities range from invasive species removal to litter pick up, native plant planting, mulching, trail maintenance and more. We provide tools and training - no experience is necessary!

Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2018-2019 Stewardship Saturday season a success! Please check back in autumn of 2019 for more!

Become a volunteer partner

We want to do a stewardship event with your business or organization! Please tell us about your business or organization by filling out this form or register for an event above. Get out and start serving your community today at a park near you! Contact Kirk Fatland at or call (503) 281-1132.

Support stewardship in the watershed!

If you are interested in supporting these restoration efforts and events financially or by providing food for volunteers let us know! The Council is an IRS recognized non-profit organization. Contact Kirk Fatland for more information or call (503) 281-1132.

With questions about these and other volunteer opportunities, contact Kirk Fatland at or call (503) 281-1132.